Calendar Monday, March 27, 2017
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Studio Highlights:

GBP Studios features analog and digital recording and production of the finest quality.

Neve, API, Grace, Millennia, Studer A827MCH, Pro Tools 10,11,12 HDX 64 In/Out, Prism Dream Converters, Most major Plug-ins, but we also have the original equipment the plug-ins are modeling....

Massive New and Vintage Mic Collection. Large Instrument and Amp Collection.

Steinway & Bluthner 9 foot Concert Grand Pianos are both available for sessions.

High Resolution GBP Custom Tad Main Speaker System, 5.1 Genelec 1031 Monitor System, NS10s, JBLs, & Auratones Spkrs.

Lots more....


Professional Services:

Multi-track Analog and Digital Recording, Editing & Mixing.

High Definition Professional Mastering.

Tape Transfers, Duplication, CD Replication & Vinyl Premasters.

Acoustical Design, On Site Acoustical Testing, Consulting & 3D-CAD Rendering Design Services.

Professional Custom Tad Studio Monitor Systems - Design, Installation, Testing and Optimization.

even more...




Music Production Services:

Experienced Professional Staff.

Award Winning Sound Design, Arranging & Production.

Pre-Production, Musician Contracting, Location Sound Services, Remote Multi-Track Concert and Event Recording.

Scoring for Film & Television, ADR, Looping, Synchronization.

Major Television and Film credits.

More than 1500 Album and CD credits.

Call Us:    517.332.0990



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WOW! What a year this has been so far......

Wait till you get a load of my new studio setup...

I will be uploading new pictures soon...

Also look at the gear list to see a few of the updates...


New GBP Custom Mastering Tower Speakers (Bi-Amp) Ribbon System.

Includes: (2) Bryston PowerPac 300 Watt Amps & (2) Bryston PowerPac 60 Watt Amps.

Available now!!  Call GBP 517-332-0990

Recording Studio Design


Latest Acoustical Studio Design Projects : Royal House Recording in Royal Oak, Michigan

Check it out

GBP Studios has updated the Avid Protools Hard Disc Recording System to

HDX version 11 / 12 and now has 56 I/P & 56 O/P including 8 Channels Prism Dream AD8-HDR-X (only the best for our clients!!!)....

Greensky Bluegrass Album "If Sorrows Swim" is available now !!! (recorded, mixed & mastered by : Glenn Brown)

Latest Greensky Bluegrass Album  is in mixdown presently (recorded, mixed & mastered by : Glenn Brown)

Latest Acoustical Studio Design Projects : Royal House Recording,

New Ben West Home Studio,  New Dreamscape Studios (Toledo, OH),

New Western Sound Studios at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Design by Glenn Brown.

CBS Radio-Detroit (25 New Broadcast Studios Designed by GBP's Glenn Brown). Gideon King Studios NY.

  • CBS Radio Studio Design
    CBS Studio Design



    Recording Studio Design
    Recording Studio Acoustics