Calendar Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Studio Highlights:

GBP Studios features analog and digital recording and production of the finest quality.

Neve 8068 Class A Console, Studer A827MCH, Pro Tools HDX 56 In/Out, Prism Dream Converters, Most major Plug-ins, but we also have the original equipment the plug-ins are modeling....

Massive New and Vintage Mic Collection.


Large Instrument and Amp Collection.
Steinway & Bluthner 9 foot Concert Grand Pianos are both available for sessions.

High Resolution GBP Custom Tad Main Speaker System, 5.1 Genelec 1031 Monitor System, NS10s, JBLs, & Auratones Spkrs.

Lots more....


Professional Services:

Multi-track Analog and Digital Recording, Editing & Mixing.

High Definition Professional Mastering.

Tape Transfers, Duplication, CD Replication & Vinyl Premasters.

Acoustical Design, On Site Acoustical Testing, Consulting & 3D-CAD Rendering Design Services.

Professional Custom Tad Studio Monitor Systems - Design, Installation, Testing and Optimization.

even more...

Music Production Services:

Experienced Professional Staff.

Award Winning Sound Design, Arranging & Production.

Pre-Production, Musician Contracting, Location Sound Services, Remote Multi-Track Concert and Event Recording.

Scoring for Film & Television, ADR, Looping, Synchronization.

Major Television and Film credits.

More than 1500 Album and CD credits.

Call Us:    517.332.0990


Don't forget that Michigan's Film Incentive also applies to Music Production as well, and you just may qualify for a

State sponsored Kick-Back of over 40% of the projects overall budget.

Please ask about this law and how it may apply to benefit you.


GBP Studios has updated the Avid Protools Hard Disc Recording System to

HDX version 10.3.3 and now has 56 I/P & 56 O/P....

New Greensky Bluegrass Album "If Sorrows Swim" is due out very soon !! Sept 9Th (recorded, mixed & mastered by : Glenn Brown) SUPER COOL !!!

New Kid Rock Album is finally released, "Rebel Soul" Engineered by Glenn Brown,

Latest Acoustical Studio Design Projects : Gideon King Recording Studios in Upstate New York.

New Western Sound Studios at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Design by Glenn Brown.

Roger Goodman's new studio in Royal Oak, Michigan is underway. Studio Design by: Glenn Brown

CBS Radio-Detroit (25 New Broadcast Studios). Also: Kensington Church new Recording Studios, Western Sound Recording Studios, Ringside Creative new News Uplink Studio Downtown Detroit. 

"Glenn Brown & Intergalactic Spiral"second album "010" (2)  Is Available at :  ITunes, Amazon & Big O Records.

New Airborne or Aquatic? CD release titled "SISU" Co-produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Glenn Brown is out now !!!

Mardra Thomas (Lincoln Center Jazz Singer) is in working on a new CD featuring an all star cast of musicians including: Reggie Thomas-Pno, Rodney Whitaker-Acou Bass, Randy Gelispie-Drms, Perry Hughes-Gtr,,,

Other new albums finished at GBP Studios: Color Wheel-Dave Menzo, DarlenYa-Curves Ahead, Heartland Klezmorim - I Love You Much Too Much, Ron Getz -Suspicious to Viscious,

The long awaited new Vinyl Album & CD from Kiln has just been released // mixed and mastered by Glenn Brown thru the Neve 8068 @ GBP Studios